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06 March 2009 @ 01:19 pm
Organizing the threads and logs for those new to the RP, and for people who want to read back and see what's going on.

Chapter 1: Apocrypha
01. Welcome speech - Ursula, Hector, Ledah, Malice, Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier, Canaan, Yggdra
02. An ironic meeting - Nessiah, Yggdra
03. Well, that's one way to make friends... (part 1) - Milanor, Nessiah, Yggdra, Kylier
04. Well, that's one way to make friends... (part 2) - Nessiah, Ursula, Milanor, Kylier, Yggdra, Canaan
05. We all have dirty little secrets, but this... - Kylier, Malice, Nessiah
06. Positive reinforcement, or lack of same - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier [log]
07. It's a sword, all right - Yggdra, Ledah
08. It starts. - Ledah, Milanor
09. This is the truth. - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier, Yggdra, Ledah, Ursula
10. Overflowing emotions - Milanor, Kylier [log]
11. Unpleasant realities - Ledah, Ursula [log]
12. Bonds - Yggdra, Kylier, Malice
13. Kokoroiyashi - Yggdra, Nessiah
14. Will you be the one to save me? (part 1) - Nessiah, Milanor, Yggdra
15. Will you be the one to save me? (part 2) - Nessiah, Milanor, Yggdra

New characters

summary; The school year starts. Two new students, Nessiah and Milanor, are given kitchen work as punishment for dozing off during the opening speech. Nessiah makes friends with Yggdra, then gets in a fight with Milanor in the kitchen that ends in his using more magical power than he is allowed and being hospitalized. Milanor, feeling responsible, tries to apologize to Nessiah later, only to find him in the middle of a night terror. He promises to do what he can for Nessiah, who offers to help teach him to read in return, and a strange friendship is formed.

Later, Nessiah gets into another fight--this one with Malice, and with Milanor's girlfriend Kylier watching. Kylier discovers that Nessiah (and according to Nessiah, Malice as well) has been sexually abused, and claims that the headmaster is the one who did it. Arguing with her, he shows her his own wounds as evidence, and winds up cementing his strange bond with her and Milanor more strongly. Meanwhile, Ledah suggests a place for Yggdra to store her overly large sword.

A few days after this, Nessiah goes missing, and Ledah gets his friends to search for him. He is eventually found in the men's showers, injured and in a state of delirium. Ursula is contacted, and the truth comes out. Actually doing something to stop Hector would take Nessiah's testimony, however, which he is in no state to give.

Due to this incident, Nessiah forms powerful feelings of attraction toward and dependence on Milanor, which Milanor realizes and confronts him about.

Chapter 2: The nature of love
16. Entanglement - Kylier, Milanor [log]
17. The old and the new - Yggdra, Milanor
18. Will you be the one to save me? (part 3) - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier - not worksafe
19. Broad shoulders, broad responsibilities - Durant, Ledah
20. It seemed like a good idea at the time (part 1) - Ursula, Malice, Kylier, Nessiah, Milanor, Ledah, Durant
21. Proximity - Nessiah, Kylier, Milanor
22. Baby steps - Nessiah, Milanor - not worksafe [log]
23. It seemed like a good idea at the time (part 2) - female!Nessiah, Kylier
24. It seemed like a good idea at the time (part 3) - Ursula, Yggdra, Milanor, female!Nessiah, Kylier, Durant, Ledah, Malice, Canaan
25. It seemed like a good idea at the time - ground zero - Kylier, female!Nessiah - not worksafe [log]
26. A fine how-do-you-do - Mistel, Nessiah, Canaan
27. Until you're safe and sound - Maria, Nessiah
28. What guilt does to a person - Kylier, Canaan, Yggdra
29. These things do happen - Milanor, Kylier [log]
30. Background colors - Ledah, Malice

New characters

summary; Milanor talks to Kylier about his discussion with Nessiah. After much consternation, the two of them approach Nessiah about trying out a three-way relationship. Yggdra's father sends one of the realm's knights, Durant, to look out for her; Durant joins the Student Council.

Ursula announces that this year's Samhain banquet will be costume-themed, and Nessiah is vocal in his distaste. He moves to live in a dorm next to Milanor's, and the two of them start experimenting. When the day of the banquet arrives, it is revealed that Ursula has put a temporary gender-change spell on Nessiah, which plays hell with his mind and his sexuality; while getting Kylier to help him deal with the effects, the two of them fool around, which turns out to be an even worse idea than the genderswap--Nessiah is accidentally hurt, and sustains immense psychological damage from the incident. He is consoled by his childhood friend Maria, helping him not to go to pieces; Kylier explains the situation to Milanor.

Chapter 3: Eroding
31. Say it to me - Milanor, Nessiah
32. Will you be the one to save me? (part 4) - Milanor, Nessiah - not worksafe [log]
33. Home isn't welcome - Fia, Canaan, Ledah
34. Making preparations of her own... - Kylier, Fia
35. Destiny in the makings? Maybe. - Gulcasa, Nessiah
36. Admit it--you'd half forgotten him yourself. - Nessiah, Milanor, Hector, Ledah, Fia
37. Questions of timing - Kylier, Milanor [log]
38. It's not easy - Ledah, Malice
39. Expect nothing less, really. - Kylier, Nessiah
40. Hello to you, too - Monica, Canaan
41. An old-fashioned concept - Durant, Milanor, Yggdra
42. Friendships in the strangest of forms - Eudy, Ledah
43. Worsening - Nessiah, Milanor
44. In excess - Fia, Maria - unfinished
45. Because it's what she does, really - Monica, Gulcasa - unfinished (?)

New characters

summary; Milanor finds Nessiah and manages to temporarily talk him down from a bout of paranoia, which leads them to consummate their feelings for each other for the first time. The same day, Fia arrives at the school and meets Ledah and Canaan, and questions them about possible magical disturbances.

And after this incident, Kylier asks for help from Fia (who after all knows Medicans better than her) where she may find some CONDOMS, DAMMIT!; Fia is less than impressed.

The next day, Nessiah runs into Gulcasa in the library, and has one of his first genuinely pleasant conversations with anyone in the collegia. Things only look up as Nessiah then proceeds to meet up with Milanor, but this doesn't last long at all until Hector shows up to threaten the two of them. Fia and Ledah both observe this. It eventually falls to Kylier to calm Milanor down; Ledah runs into Malice instead, and thus finds no such relief. Later on, Nessiah and Kylier attempt to have a heart-to-heart; things go well enough until a mention of Lost Aries gives Nessiah a very sudden headache.

Monica arrives at the Collegium and talks to Canaan about politics back home. Durant gets a chance to talk to Milanor and Yggdra; Eudy and Ledah meet and hit it off.

Yule comes and passes, and after the fact, Milanor realizes that Hector has been blackmailing Nessiah into continuing to accept abuse in order to protect him. This goes down less than well. Meanwhile, Monica has a chance to meet up with and briefly speak to Gulcasa, risking death by fangasm.

Chapter 4: Samsara
46. Nessiah's Nightmare [major event] - Ursula, Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier, Yggdra, Eudy, Malice, Maria
47. Left with the cleanup, as always - Ledah, Fia, Durant
48. Nothing can ever be so simple - Fia, Ursula [log]
49. She's a walking disaster area, really. - Seth, Monica
50. Competition for the "Queen of Disaster" title... - Cierra, Seth, Ein
51. Questions answered, questions posed [Nessiah's Nightmare wrap-up] - Ursula, Ledah, Nessiah, Eudy, Kylier, Milanor
52. All you can do is - Kylier [log]
53. Most definitely madness, not Sparta. - Meria, Kylier
54. Definitely catching more than vinegar. - Fia, Monica, Ursula, Nessiah
55. Blood knight and protectorate; a dangerous new wild card... - Meria, Kylier, Milanor [log]
56. And a good morning/afternoon to you, too! - Malice, Cierra
57. Will you be the one to save me? (part 5) - Nessiah, Milanor - not worksafe [log]
58. prepare for trouble/make it double? - Seth, Meria
59. Just because it smokes doesn't mean it's Chekhov's... - Ursula, Fia
60. Something beautiful with you, for you - Nessiah, Kylier, Milanor

New characters

Chapter 5: Breaking point
61. Yes, that's going to solve absolutely everything - Eudy, Ledah, Cierra
62. She's been waiting for a while now, after all - Kylier, Milanor - not worksafe [log]
63. It's a beautiful day - Cierra, Monica
64. Getting harder and harder to breathe - Fia [log]
65. Party in the hall? - Seth, Monica, Fia, Cierra
66. Lost in the dark; no knight in shining armor - Nessiah, Hector - not worksafe [log]
67. Strike us like matches - Nessiah, Meria
68. Both sides of the gun - Meria, Milanor, Kylier, Nessiah
69. Casualties, causality - Ledah, Seth
70. Just keep breathing - Monica, Fia, Nessiah
71. Dakka school of dakka. And drama headaches. - Eudy, Meria
72. Something too far into the distance - Nessiah, Kylier
73. Take a breath and catch the wind - Seth, Meria
74. Silence in her eyes - Malice, Fia, Cierra
75. Final key to anamnesis - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier

Chapter 6: Direction of the future
76. Rediscovering, retaking - Ledah, Eudy, Malice
77. It only hurts - Nessiah [log]
78. Heart and mind - Nessiah, Milanor, Cierra, Ursula, Kylier
79. Picking locks on the loop - Cierra, Malice
80. If I told you the truth now - Monica, Seth
81. A strong will - Nessiah, Milanor, Ursula, NPC - not worksafe
82. If you could only see the way - Fia, Ledah
83. For everything there is a - Ursula, Meria, Seth, Milanor, Kylier, Monica, Cierra, Ledah, Malice
84. I wanna see the bottles poppin' - Meria, Seth - not worksafe [log]
85. Hope has fangs - Fia, Cierra
86. If I only had a heart - Ledah, Cierra
87. The world turns, things change - Roswell, Monica
88. Well, well. - Seth, Fia, Cierra
89. She likes this bench. - Meria, Fia, Ledah
90. Surfacing - Milanor, Kylier, Ursula, Nessiah [log]

New characters

Chapter 7: Rumors
91. Hello, notoriety - Monica, Seth
92. It's nine in the morning; it's a bad day - Meria, Ledah
93. I'll be yours if you'll be mine - Ledah, Meria [log]
94. But the sun still rises. - Kylier, Monica, Roswell
95. Status report. - Ledah, Ursula [log]
96. Surfacing (part 2) - Kylier, Nessiah, Milanor [log]
97. Need a hand up? - Milanor, Seth
98. You got some 'splainin' to do. - Meria, Milanor, Fia
99. Dreamsearching - Monica [log]
100. Buried treasure? - Monica, Ledah, Meria
101. Feeling's believing - Seth, Vienya, Roswell
102. Surfacing (part 3) - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier [log]
103. Suddenly girls with swords everywhere! - Aegina, Meria
104. Bookmark it on your calendar - Milanor, Vienya, Meria
105. And all I got was this stupid thing... - Monica, Fia, Seth

New characters

Chapter 8: Two-tone
106. No other way out - Fia, Meria
107. Always in the market, disliked in the marketplace - Vienya, Meria, Roswell
108. Celebrated day - Surfacing (part 4) - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier, Meria [log]
109. Philosophical dissertations on floating islands. Also, homework avoidance. - Ledah, Meria [log]
110. Welcome aboard the crazy ship! - Ledah, Aegina
111. The ugliest hour is the one before you wake - Seth, Monica
112. I can't anymore - Meria, Seth, Ledah, Ursula
113. Take it easy! - Fia, Seth
114. Cold reminders - Ledah, Ursula [log]
115. You and me time - Milanor, Kylier - not worksafe [log]
116. What happens when you put two sword-wielding Jesii in one room? - Ein, Monica
117. Why? - Surfacing (part 5) - Milanor, Nessiah [log]
118. Happiness of... - Vienya, Aegina
119. You are loved. - Meria, Ledah [log]
120. And the gears turn. - Ursula, Ein, Monica, Seth

Chapter 9: The changed and the unchanging
121. A role she has learned to play - Meria, Fia
122. The distance and the beloved one - Ein, Ledah, Milanor, Nessiah
123. The warning rings - Ursula, Milanor, Seth, Kylier, Monica, Nessiah, Ledah
124. We need a translator or something. - Nessiah, Meria [log]
125. Her hand - Seth, Ursula, Milanor, Kylier, Ledah [log]
126. Hey there, new kid - Red Sage, Kylier, Roswell
127. Good morning, I love you - Surfacing (part 6) - Milanor, Nessiah - not worksafe [log]
128. Put that away, will you? - Kylier, Milanor [log]
129. Best fuel for test fever. - Vienya, Red Sage
130. And then he - Fia [log]
131. Flowers under a red sky - Rosary, Meria, Roswell
132. She wore a sundress to the masquerade. - Seth, Monica
133. A door in the ivy - Surfacing (part 7) - Nessiah, Milanor [log]
134. All I want is you to be there - Nietzsche, Ein
135. Dearest darlingest Mumsie and Popsicle... - Red Sage [log]

New characters

Chapter 10: Hearts entwined
136. You don't know what you got 'til - Monica, Aegina
137. Turn it into light - Meria, Nietzsche
138. Leave it to the last - Red Sage, Monica
139. Black Liliana - Ursula, Ledah, Vienya, Seth, Monica, Red Sage, Aegina, Meria, Fia, Ein, Nietzsche, Roswell, Kylier, Rosary, Serene
140. Meanwhile - Surfacing (part 8) - Nessiah, Milanor - not worksafe [log]
141. The stars are bright even in the day - Serene, Seth, Monica
142. Just turn up the volume - Vienya, Durant
143. Surfacing (part 9) - Nessiah, Yggdra, Milanor
144. I should tell you I should tell you - Fia, Meria
145. Turn the story over - Monica, Durant, Roswell, Ein, Ledah
146. Bright as the candle, bright as the sky - Rosary, Ledah
147. Freeze this moment a little bit longer - Fia, Meria
148. Overextension - Red Sage, Aegina
149. Déjà vu - Serene, Seth, Nietzsche
150. Light broke through the clouds - Surfacing (part 10) - Milanor, Nessiah - not worksafe [log]

New characters

Chapter 11: Passage
151. Glittering ideal - Durant, Red Sage
152. Daytime star - Vienya, Red Sage, Monica, Rosary
153. Rose garden at midnight - Seth - not worksafe [log]
154. Want to take a look into my heart? - Ein, Meria
155. Red letter black letter - Aegina, Ledah
156. It's complicated. - Fia, Monica
157. Welcome back...? - Cierra, Durant, Monica
158. You proved that I'm alive - Surfacing (part 11) - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier - not worksafe [log]
159. beautiful morning with you - Meria, Fia
160. Retrace every memory - Meria, Fia - not worksafe [log]
161. The clock starts moving - Nietzsche, Ein
162. Inability to progress - Surfacing (part 12) - Milanor, Nessiah [log]
163. The only certain thing is - Seth, Monica, Kylier
164. Goodbye love - Fia, Meria, Ursula [log]
165. You're a liar that swore to stay at my side - Meria [log]

Chapter 12: The aspired self
166. Get out and smell the... well. - Roswell, Cierra
167. Erase that rain - Serene, Seth
168. Here at the end - Fia, Nessiah, Rosary
169. Reconfigure the edges - Kylier, Milanor [log]
170. Not going easy on you. - Ein, Monica
171. Most awkward secrets - Yggdra, Monica, Cierra, Roswell, Durant
172. Crash test failures - Aegina, Seth
173. Diffuse - Surfacing (part 13) - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier [log]
174. Erase, rewind - Meria, Marietta
175. Hello, hi - Meute, Rosary
176. Contact therapy - Leon, Serene, Meria
177. Testing field - Milanor, Nessiah, Seth, Serene, Meria, Vienya
178. Oops - Marietta, Seth
179. Deliveries - Ledah, Aegina, Nietzsche, Ein
180. Something to prove - Rosary, Durant, Roswell

New characters:

Chapter 13: Resistance
181. Premonition - Ursula, Meria, Ledah, Milanor, Seth, Kylier, Monica
182. Unending nightmare - Ledah, Ursula, Milanor, Kylier, Seth, Meria [log]
183. Undertow - Monica, Nessiah, Milanor [log]
184. Love come down - Fia, Marietta, Meria
185. Balancing act - Seth, Aegina, Vienya
186. Implode - Ursula, Ein, Ledah, Meria, Fia, Monica, Leon, Seth, Serene
187. Paradigm inversion - Monica, Ein
188. Resumption - Hector, Leon, Ledah
189. Take each step grandly - Leon, Nietzsche, Rosary, Roswell, Aegina
190. The wasted lands - Marietta, Vienya, Leon
191. Morning mist - Ledah, Meute, Aegina, Hector
192. Self-discipline - Cierra [log]
193. Lost little bluebird - Undertow (part 2) - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier [log]
194. Soundless bells - Vienya, Meria
195. Egads. And again. - Fia, Monica

Chapter 14: The wait
196. This place will never stop being popular - Serene, Seth
197. Rites of passage - Monica, Aegina, Ein - ongoing
198. Meanwhile, at ridiculous-oh-five AM - Nietzsche, Ein, Leon - ongoing
199. Thus drops the other shoe - Marietta, Meria, Hector
200. Venturing through the labyrinth of books - Meute, Cierra, Vienya
201. Laundry run - Fia, Nietzsche, Leon
202. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Ledah, Roswell - ongoing
203. Meanwhile, the kids in detention are anticipating their new laundry load and crying. - Rosary, Roswell - ongoing
204. Fear the PMS. - Aegina, Leon
205. How can it be a stakeout if there are no steaks? - Meria, Fia, Pamela - ongoing
206. Letters from the other side - Serene [log]
207. Heythar, fourth wall. - Pamela, Roswell, Cierra
208. Yoink - Vienya, Pamela
209. Business as usual - Durant, Ledah
210. Everyone is getting the same impression of this new weirdo, too! - Monica, Pamela

Chapter 15: End act
211. On familiars. - Marietta, Vienya
212. Ceilingcat. - Meria, Ledah, Pamela
213. Now what did you do? - Seth, Aegina
214. Rock bottom. - Undertow (part 3) - Nessiah [log]
215. Huh? Oh, right. - Gordon, Durant, Ledah - ongoing
216. Some kind of kinship - Vienya, Meute
217. Very nice start. - Pamela, Ein
218. Mission control. - Ledah, Meria
219. Like dominoes. - Marietta, Hector, Meria
220. Defrag - Meria, Hector, Seth, Ledah, Ursula - not worksafe [log]
221. Oh dear - Fia, Monica
222. Science! - Nietzsche, Pamela
223. Changing leaves. - Seth, Aegina
224. Took long enough, didn't it? - Ursula, Vienya, Marietta, Ledah

New characters:

Chapter 16
221. The ripple effect - Nessiah, Milanor, Kylier, Ursula, Meria - ongoing
222. Witty text goes here later. - Aegina, Monica, Roswell - ongoing
223. Witty text goes here later. - Meria, Seth, Marietta - ongoing

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